Tuesday, 11 May 2010

the traveller

you know you will never hold me right?
you know that i wont stay right?
there will always more for me, and i wont stop asking for that
i wont stop searching for that.
i will leave, eventually
and there is nothing you can do about that.
i will sail across the sea and i will sail across another seas.
i will drive across the country and i will drive across another countries
i will fly across the globe and i will fly and fly and fly
i have dreams and those are big.
some of those are not here.
and i have to go to find those, those will be my friends
just like how my camera is.
you know that i love you right?
but i love my dreams even more.

i will leave you, but i will leave more people in the future.
you'll be not the only one.
you'll get to know those people, you'll sit with those people
drinking your mojitos because that's my favorite drink.
you and those people will remember me.
you'll remember how hot-headed, rock-headed i was.
you and those people will laugh and wonder.
"where is she, i miss her, is she okay?"

i will be okay, because..
i choose to leave, i choose not to stay.
there will only my camera and me at the end of the day.
but i know i'll be happy.
i know i'll live my life to the fullest.

images from........somewhere, i forgot

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Tonhya Kae said...

Images are from Sarah Rhoads Photography :)