Tuesday, 27 April 2010

tiffany blue red velvet cake balls


ahhhh the ever so pretty and cute and adorable cake balls.
and i made them with tiffany blue color.
these gonna make a good wedding dessert.
i used magnolia bakery red velvet cake recipe for the cake and colored white chocolate compound with tiffany blue food color for the coating.
i absolutely sure that this kind of blue, white and chocolate are the cutest colors for wedding.
if only it isnt too "public"
geez, what im blabbing about?!

this post has no point other than me, showing off these very gorgeous pictures of cake balls.
nothing more.
i love to show off.
im that kind of girl.
trust me!


and of course you know that you can always order these from me, with your choices of cake+frosting based and color palette.


Cassidy said...

these are so adorable !

Cupcake Activist said...

These cake bites look great! Every time I have attempted to make them, they turn out looking so ugly (but taste so awesome). That blue color would be great for weddings.

babalisme said...

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Whatever fits your niche and mood you the best part is you wouldn't guessin who will send you and from what country, if you inte...rested please hit back to me, I will send the email for the details :D

nicolle stephanie said...

how much?? i'd like to order. do you ship to nj?