Monday, 31 May 2010

rich kahlua chocolate mousse


first, i have a confession i feel very guilty about.
i finished those two cups i used in the pictures or about half of the batch i made.
and now i sit on my bed, with my macbook and blogging about this.
instead of doing my school assignments.
whatever, that goes my favorite word.

so the story begin with, i was craving for chocolate mousse.
the classic and rich chocolate mousse.
i cant remember when was the last time i had a very very very nice chocolate mousse.
not just melted chocolate folded with whipped cream.
i started browse for the recipe.
i wanted a quick browse, so i used these keywords.
"smitten kitchen chocolate mousse recipe" "david lebovitz chocolate mousse recipe" "pierre herme chocolate mousse recipe"
and the award went to... smitten kitchen! just because i heart her.
NO! i lied!


david and pierre's recipe all made from raw egg and doesnt contain any cream.
i wanted the real deal, that means i wanted cream.
the smooth creamy chocolate mousse. not just foamy.
but creamy.
i dont mean that i misjudged the non-cream recipes to quick.
i had make those kind of chocolate mousse before, the foamy chocolate mousse with a hint of eggy smell. eew!
i dont want that kind.
so what if those are low-fat chocolate mousse?
i still want the luscious creamy one.
the one that makes you feel guilty about.


and good gracious god, was that right!
this one is out of the world good!
so creamy, so luscious, so decadently rich, so full of fat.
and i had two serving cups in an one sit.
kill me!
but the good side, two cups is the limit.
you cant handle more than that.
this is definitely not a light dessert.


and oh, make sure you use the best chocolate you could find, i used lindt of course because that's what i have.
also, i used kahlua instead of cognac. just because.
and before serving, i splashed a tablespoon of kahlua on top and MAN! it was a best thing to do when you're facing a cup of chocolate mousse.
add a splash (or two) of alcohol.. and chocolate sprinkle.
but cocoa powder is fine, just dont forget the splash of alcohol!
and this is the link to the recipe from the always so wonderful deb :)



Paris Pastry said...

Nothing to feel guilty about! I would probably do the same! I once made a chocolate mousse recipe, using marshmallows, which made it realllly rich!

kristieeiskristie said...

you should very much stop making me have high sugar cravings.

Cupcake Activist said...

Why does chocolate mousse have to be so bad for you? I love the addition of kahlua...I bet that made it so much more delicious!

Emily said...

Love the kahlua idea! Great to spice up an oldie recipe! great blog. After navigating through your blog, I decided to go for a trip to Millies tonight! x LZ

Ingrid said...

Love the texture of mousse but I'm not much crazy for chocolate.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

Snooky doodle said...

oh these look delicious ! so so good!

Abby said...

The color in these photos is amazing. And chocolate? Well that goes without saying!

ballingbakes said...

Oh my god. Those look amazing.
Like... SO GOOD. I will have to try this with some of the oods of Kahlua.