Thursday, 18 August 2011



i still remember the day as if it was just happened yesterday, whilst it was actually three years ago. i had flown thousands miles from Jakarta to London with a certain mission to get my first Doc Martens.
that day, was cloudy and windy, like any other London day in summer. i took a bus ride from my hotel in London's suburb area, it was a rather long bus ride to covent garden and i was very excited that i forgot about my breakfast.
i remember, that it was saturday, covent garden was packed with London's youngs, art performers and tourists. i walked cluelessly, i didnt knew exactly where the DM shop is located, i stopped few times to ask some locally look people for direction. the rain came down, for few minutes, then stopped for few minutes, then it started again for another few minutes before it stopped. i was wet, hungry and exhausted, it wasnt easy being a tourist in London.
i almost gave up, i have a thought about 'not meant to be' and 'ordering online' but then i turned left and i saw that yellow and black building and people carrying big yellow paper bag. few steps forward and i was in Doc Martens store, i swear i could hear birds singing with joy.
i knew clearly which DM i had to get, it was a white 8 eye floral boots, i asked the shopkeeper about that particular boots and my size, and they do have it. it was meant to be.
back then, i didnt knew that doc martens need to be broken into before they become yours forever, so i wore them the next day to go around london, the result? feet disaster for a couple weeks. but it was worth it.

ps: the story may sounds really dramatic, but i swear with all my heart it was what actually happened, i am that dramatic.
pps: i now live happily with two pairs of docs, that white 8eye floral boots and pink pearl 1461 3eye shoes i bought in paris which has another dramatic story to tell. i am looking forward for my third pair.