Thursday, 6 May 2010

cookies and cream cheesecake cupcakes


okay, so..
i dont know which one is yummier, the almost naked didier drogba on vanity fair's current issue or these cheesecakelettes.
although, i baked these couple weeks ago and saw didier drogba's picture this morning but still.. they are worth to be compared with each other..
may i say that im a true blood (if that's not exaggerating!) manchester united fan and seeing that there is slightly large possibility about MU not going to get their 4th premier league title in a row is kinda hurting.
but i still cant resist drooling on didier drogba whose club is MU's number one rival.
sorry lads!

and the cheesecakelettes? never thought that im a cheesecake person but.. maybeeee..just indeed a cheesecake person!
SHOCKER! i know right?!
just as shocker as how i could drool on didier drogba..
see they do have something in common
yess, im a cheesecake person, a cupcake person too and also cookie person, duhh! kill me!
i always like cheesecake and always gobble them up everytime i got the chance, i crave them too.
but i always on hunt for cupcakes, im crazy about cupcakes, i love baking cupcakes.. I LOVE CUPCAKES!
but choose one, its gonna be like choosing between jose mourinho and pep guardiola, okay, i talk too much about football in this post, forgive me.


yeeeeah, i love them both.
i love cheesecake and cupcake equally.
its a beautiful world i know.
so these cheesecakelettes are just PERFECT!
its a cheesecake in a cupcake form.
just perfect perfect perfect.
and yummy yummy yummy.
oh, the always so smart martha stewart.. and her team of course.


click here for the recipe, the link is directed to one of my favorite blogger.

ps: cheesecake never fail me, i always been a good cheesecake baker, from the first time!
pps: and here's a link to the ever so yummy almost naked didier drogba (plus bonus almost naked cristiano ronaldo, pato, eto'o, landon donovan, kaka, muntari etc)

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kristieeiskristie said...

omgomgomg let me have one of those cheesecakelettes!