Monday, 30 August 2010

butterscotch chip cookies

butterscotch chip cookies
butterscotch chip cookies

There are days when all I want is lying in my bed, watching all Grey’s Anatomy episodes, wearing only boxer and baggy over-sized T-shirt, skipping shower and praying that my boyfriend would never see me like that. I call that my comfort day, in my comfort day I only eat comfort food and I wish I would not regret eating the comfort foods.

In my mind, comfort food is something easy, simple and sinful. Talk about chocolate chip cookies we are. I used to get chocolate chip cookies craving every now and then, lucky me, I’m good at chocolate chip cookies baking, I even have my very own recipe that got very good rave from my friends and family. But when you bake too much of chocolate chip cookies, you’ll get bored of the cookies and decided that chocolate chip cookie is no more that appealing.

butterscotch chip cookies

Although, I was longing for the texture of chocolate chip cookies, how chewy, soft but crunchy at the same time. Longing for the vanilla and brown sugar scent of the cookies, I still haven’t got my chocolate chip cookies craving back. So butterscotch chip cookies it is! So i used butterscotch chips instead of chocolate chips in the cookie dough for non-chocolate chip cookies. It was a very good decision because when im baking the cookies, the kitchen smelled wonderful and the cookie itself is just as wonderful.

For this cookie recipe, I went with the very first cookie recipe I used way back then in my early baking craze. Its just so easy to whipped with very good cookie result. Crunchy on the edge and soft and chewy in the center. this is why I always fancy kid’s cookbooks, yes, the recipe comes from a cookbook for kids.

butterscotch chip cookies

click here for the recipe and more from me for

Thursday, 26 August 2010

girly and cookie

Joanna hosted a cookie swap in her new york apartment with her girlfriends.
i want to do this too, with my girlfriends of course. but chances are 1.) i end up baking all the cookies 2.) we get scared by the cookies calories.
but maybe i'll host a cookie swap somewhere in the future, with my future girlfriends, in my future new york apartment

pictures belong to Joanna

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

banana marble cake

bananas and chocolate
banana black and white cake

I had bananas sitting nicely in my pantry, and I only had milk, flour, sugar, butter and vanilla. What should I make? Banana cake of course. So I browsed my baking books for banana cake recipe and all the recipes I found required brown sugar for banana cake. And when no brown sugar required in a recipe, it required sour cream. Both ingredients I though I don’t have.

banana black and white cake

And the quest for banana cake recipe continued, until I found Lots-of-Ways Banana Cake in Baking from my home to yours by Dorie Greenspan, fyi, have I told you that one of my future plans Is become just like Dorie? Jetting between Paris and New York, writing books about baking, baking for loved ones and sells cookies? Yeah, that’d be perfect.
Okay, anyway, yeah lots-of-ways banana cake by Dorie Greenspan, it’s the most flexible banana cake recipe, with alternatives ingredients choices. Here is what she says, “the inspiration to bake a banana cake always seems to strike when a bunch of bananas are mottling on the counter, but just because you’ve got the fruit doesn’t mean you have all the ingredients you need, which is why I created this amazingly flexible cake. No coconut? Skip it. No brown sugar? Use white. No coconut milk? Use milk, buttermilk, sour cream or yoghurt.” Isnt it the most wonderful recipe? I wish every other recipes could be this flexible. and by that time, i've found my baking bible.

So I was set on baking this recipe, I opened my cupboard to get flour only to found a bag of brown sugar, looking so pretty. Just beside my fabulous Lindt dark chocolate. There, I changed my mind. I went with my big first recipe crush, this banana black and white chocolate, simply because it involves chocolate and banana. Both my favorite. And no, I wasn’t sorry, how could you be sorry with marbled banana chocolate cake? Its moist and light at the same time, although maybe a bit short in banana flavor.

banana black and white cake

Saturday, 21 August 2010

if i ever..

own a bakery, these are exactly how i want it to be, well, of course with majority pink color and a touch of yellow and egg blue here and there!


pictures belong to enjoy cupcakes

Saturday, 14 August 2010

strawberry and cream cupcakes

strawberry and cream cupcakes
strawberry and cream cupcakes

for me, nothing screams summer more than berries. okay, probably beach and frilly summer dresses scream summer even louder, but berries are the creme de la creme of summer, for me at least. and my favorite berry? all of them really, because i love blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and every-berry else. but now if you ask me, what berry i buy most of the time? its strawberry! strawberry is just so tempting for me. they are so red, sexy and juicy. and for me, the perfect summer dessert is something creamy, light, fresh with a touch of strawberry. last summer one of the most memorable desserts i had was a strawberry mousse cake with strawberry sauce and this summer, its must be this strawberry and cream cupcakes, okay, no, i lied! this summer, i love that japanese strawberry shortcake from local japanese bakery here in Jakarta and in fact, this strawberry and cream cupcakes i made is inspired by that japanese strawberry shortcake.

strawberry and cream cupcakes

this strawberry and cream cupcakes have a basic vanilla cupcake based with chopped strawberries in the bottom, baked, cooled and frosted with very light whipped cream just minutes before being served. and the best way to enjoy this cupcake? using plate and fork so you can have the three parts altogether, the buttery vanilla cupcake, juicy strawberries and the light and creamy whipped cream. and a cup of tea if possible, to wash down or maybe a glass of icy lemonade? your choice, either way… this is just a perfect summer cupcake.

strawberry and cream cupcakes

click here for the recipe, my entry for Dujour Magazine

Monday, 2 August 2010

just words

cotton candy maker

note to self: go to local mall and buy cotton candy, go to kinokuniya and buy cupcake pencils (one for me, one for her), get back to baking and keep away the laziness.

wishes: i wish for money, for me to buy pretty scrapbook papers, to make kawaii purchases at kinokuniya store, to make sending swaps a lot easier.
i wish i stop gaining weight.

god forbid: me to make impulsive buy at kinokuniya store for those pretty japanese books, i know i cant read it, i know i cant read japanese.

have i mention: that kinokuniya is probably my most favorite store? because right now, i cant think of anything else

Sunday, 1 August 2010

welcome august

just one month before my big fat 22nd birthday!
and, well, you know me..
i always love birthdays.
well, okay, i love my birthday!
and hey, mOM.. or friends.. here im giving you an obvious hint of what i want for birthday. :D

OKAY, I WANT PINK KITCHENAID MIXER, MA!! it had been two birthdays since im putting a pink KitchenAid mixer in my wishlist. okay, just saying.

(WISHLIST) hot pink KA mixer
*hot pink? anyone?*

(forgive me for the use of caps lock)

and Ma, Pa.. of course you guys know that i also want that olympus pen camera right?
what.. i hear whatttt? ungrateful child? greedy?

okay enough with the over-pricey fancy schmancy stuffs, lets get to the more 'realistic' stuffs

(WISHLIST) bulseye doll
*bullseye doll from toy story 3, i saw this at Watsons. and i dont mind getting the woody, jessie and buzz altogether also*

(WISHLIST) cupcake heaven book
*i saw this at kinokuniya and was in good deal, when i ask Ma about whether the book is worth to buy, she said "you already have too much baking books" errrr, duhhh..*

(WISHLIST) cupcake lip balm
*im all about food/drink flavored lip balm/gloss and im also all about cupcakes, so this is surely in my next purchase*

(WISHLIST) whoopie pies book
*SURELY MY NEXT AMAZON.COM PURCHASE, seriously Ma, there's no such thing as "too much baking books"*

(WISHLIST) puffy cupcake stickers
*what can you say? puffy..cupcakes..stikers.. on serious..*

(WISHLIST) floral printed jegging
*MAAAAAA! please let me use your credit card and get this dreamy floral printed jegging! its from, please ma please.. this is what i want the most!*

*im building a kawaii stationery and stikers collection.. and i think i'll start with kawaii sticker sacks and memo pads from kinokuniya*

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