Sunday, 9 May 2010

sunday morning means nothing

dear my love
i remember benjamin and daisy and their duplex, how they had fun days.
i remember i said to my mom "that's the kind of life i want"
and mom said "dream on little girl"

dear my love
but now you are here.
sleeping in my bed, sorry, our bed.
we live in that city that never sleep and we love every second of it.
you wake me up every early early early morning.
because that's the time when you got home.
just in time.
sipping our coffee and watching the sunrise.
because that's our favorite thing.
you ask me to bake banana muffin but i refuse and say "have you ever get tired eating my baked goods?"
you laugh and kiss me hard.

dear my love
i have to take shower, its monday and i have a job to keep.
unlike you my rockstar, my beloved rockstar.
and frankly, i envy you
i wish i could stay up all night and sleep all day.
just like you.
i kiss you and realize how bad you smelled.
lets just take shower together.
you grin, i know you like it.

dear my love
we do nothing.
we just hugging each other under the shower.
feeling each other's skin, smelling each other's breath and wishing that we could hugging each other all day long.
that would be silly i know.
but remember, i have a job to keep.
i should get ready.
i know you'll tease me, trick me to bed.
but sorry, i have a job to keep.

dear my love
you decide to walk me to get a breakfast and postpone your sleep.
we are walking down the street.
the street of the city that never sleeps.
i take a long deep breath and smelling every single scent of the street.
i love those scents. i love this city.
i met you here, my love

dear my love
we had our breakfast, bagels and coffee.
i know i know, typical.
but i always love it and you mocked me because of that.
but you've grown to love that.
you've grown to love everything that i love

dear my love.
stop kissing me.
you go home.
have your sleep.
finish your painting.
whatever you have to do.
i have to go now.
i have a job.
a job that i love

dear my job
i love you.
i love you.
i love you.
i've been with you all day long
and now i have to go back to my love.

dear my love
you texted me. said you've had your sleep.
said you miss me.
said you have early gig and wish i could stop by and watch you
so my love. i take the subway.
im watching you, im hearing girls screaming for your name.
but i know, you're looking at me from that far and tall stage.
those deep blue eyes are mine.
i cant hold a smile just thinking about that.

dear my love
we walk back to our itty bitty apartment.
im in your arm.
im safe there.
i know it, i always know it.
we are going to sleep together tonight.
after a week of midnight gigs here and there.

dear my love
you tell me the surprise.
the surprise you've hold all day long.
you've sold your paintings.
a gallery proposed to contract you.
you let go your music career.
you choose your paintings

dear my love
you say the magic words
"come with me to paris"
i shrieked.
you say
"bring your cameras, your life, your job"
i cant say anything, i love paris, i love you
you say
"we'll have a new adventure in paris"
i believe that, i kiss you and i say
"yes yes yes, turn out i love you more than i love this city"
you gazzing and smilling and say
"i know that"

dear my love
we always know, dont we?

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