Wednesday, 19 May 2010

black and white cookies


i baked these to celebrate... i dont know, my changing of plans?

anywoo, i love these cookies.
this is my type of cookies, cakey and a bit fluffy.
i wish i could find chocolate chip cookie recipe that resulted in a cakey and a bit fluffy cookies.
beeecause, that's my kind of cookie!

onto the black and white cookies


i love the black part!
the chocolate part!
i ate the white first to get rid of it and save the best for last.
a.k.a the black part
omg omg i'll make these again, definitely!
although next time i'll try to make them perfectly round shaped.

and about the 'black and white' pictures..
come on!
dont you think that black and white cookies deserve black and white pictures?
no? they dont?
oh okay, whatever.
here i give you the 'full color' version..


link to the recipe, from yours truly ms. martha stewart

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