Monday, 31 May 2010

rich kahlua chocolate mousse


first, i have a confession i feel very guilty about.
i finished those two cups i used in the pictures or about half of the batch i made.
and now i sit on my bed, with my macbook and blogging about this.
instead of doing my school assignments.
whatever, that goes my favorite word.

so the story begin with, i was craving for chocolate mousse.
the classic and rich chocolate mousse.
i cant remember when was the last time i had a very very very nice chocolate mousse.
not just melted chocolate folded with whipped cream.
i started browse for the recipe.
i wanted a quick browse, so i used these keywords.
"smitten kitchen chocolate mousse recipe" "david lebovitz chocolate mousse recipe" "pierre herme chocolate mousse recipe"
and the award went to... smitten kitchen! just because i heart her.
NO! i lied!


david and pierre's recipe all made from raw egg and doesnt contain any cream.
i wanted the real deal, that means i wanted cream.
the smooth creamy chocolate mousse. not just foamy.
but creamy.
i dont mean that i misjudged the non-cream recipes to quick.
i had make those kind of chocolate mousse before, the foamy chocolate mousse with a hint of eggy smell. eew!
i dont want that kind.
so what if those are low-fat chocolate mousse?
i still want the luscious creamy one.
the one that makes you feel guilty about.


and good gracious god, was that right!
this one is out of the world good!
so creamy, so luscious, so decadently rich, so full of fat.
and i had two serving cups in an one sit.
kill me!
but the good side, two cups is the limit.
you cant handle more than that.
this is definitely not a light dessert.


and oh, make sure you use the best chocolate you could find, i used lindt of course because that's what i have.
also, i used kahlua instead of cognac. just because.
and before serving, i splashed a tablespoon of kahlua on top and MAN! it was a best thing to do when you're facing a cup of chocolate mousse.
add a splash (or two) of alcohol.. and chocolate sprinkle.
but cocoa powder is fine, just dont forget the splash of alcohol!
and this is the link to the recipe from the always so wonderful deb :)


Wednesday, 26 May 2010

peanut butter cups with oreo twist


my guiltiest guiltiest guiltiest pleasure in the whole world is peanut butter oreo.
meaning, me and my bed and tv/magazine and a jar of creamy peanut butter plus a sleeve of oreos.
that's very guilty, my friend!
who taught you to befriended oreo with peanut butter?
ummmm.. Lindsay Lohan taught me.
i LOVE the parent trap and there was a scene where LiLo or the twins eating peanut butter with oreo, and since that, i've been eating my oreos with peanut butter.
and since that, im in love with peanut butter-chocolate combo.
and since that, oh since that....


yesterday, i got the making something crave.
not baking but making.
something easy but super delish.
the devil crossed my mind and told me to just forget it and do my favorite guiltiest pleasure that i mentioned above.
but hell no, i wont stop on an oreo or two, its gonna be a sleeve and i'd cry my as* off (literally).
i determined to do something, to make something.
even though i'll just ended up munching on those.
but at least i work on something.
not just laying on bed.


i've been eye-ing this homemade peanut butter cups recipe for a long time.
i have never taste reese's cups and please, i know that's a shame.
but i cant find reese's in jakarta and everytime i go abroad, i prefer to skip on groceries candies.
although i always wanted to taste them.

so i browsed my bookmarked recipes file on my blackberry.
got my lazy self up and start preparing to do them.
in just one hour i could sink my teeth on them.
so its not much a work.
since i only used a very few dishes and made a very little kitchen disaster.
so yes, its hardly a hardwork.
but MAN! the end result is just FANTASTIC!
the added of oreo in the peanut butter filling gives more of JOY.
peanut butter chocolate joy.
as i usual, i like my peanut butter chocolate to be heavy on the salt.
so i also added like 1/4 teaspoon of fine sea salt.
and holy moly not cannoli, its just PERFECT!
the crucnh of crushed oreos.
the tartness of peanut butter.
the salty hit of sea salt.
the bitter sweet of lindt dark chocolate.
OMG, i was in heaven.
well, i am in heaven.... since i still have like 12 of them in my fridge.

oh life.
and here's the step by step pictures.
because believe me, they are just crazy easy.
and crazy delish!

first, here's a link to the recipe i used, from have cake will travel

*you start with melted chocolate*

*place a heaping teaspoon of melted chocolate in each mini cupcake liner and spread it all over the place with the back of a spoon. repeat with all 12 liners, refrigerate, i used my silicone liners and they make it so much easier, a whole lot easier*

and for the filling

*these are the most basic ingredients, peanut butter and crushed oreo*

*stir together peanut butter, vanilla, salt, oreo and sugar. it should form a sort of paste, make sure all gets incorporated really well. the chocolate should be hard by now, so divide peanut butter paste into all 12 liners, pressing down gently to make sure the paste goes everywhere*

*top with heaping teaspoon of chocolate*

*spreading carefully so that none of the PB paste can be seen. chill in fridge for at least 15 minute or until completely harden*

and now please enjoy!

Friday, 21 May 2010

holy cookies


yep! these are holy cookies!
crispy salted oatmeal white chocolate cookies.
just HOLY s*%@!


i grew up among people who think that cookies should be crunchy and crispy.
no such thing as chewy and soft cookies, those are underbaked cookies.
make underbaked cookies and yes, you are a baking moron.
and me.. i love soft and chewy cookies.
my mom is kinda a snob who always do groceries in international supermarkets.
and her daughter a.k.a me, always got her chocolate chip cookies fix there.
from chips ahoy to pepperidge farm.
and those are always the soft ones.
so i grew up eating soft cookies while surrounded by crunchy cookies eater.
i always look for soft cookies.
oh my effin god, i love soft cookies!


although, i still love few indonesian traditional cookies which is always crunchy and i also like famous amos's crunchy cookies and oh, not to mention asia's oreos.. which is crunchy!
and why asia's oreo? that's something to talk about later.
so i get the crunchy cookies crave often.
truth be told, i didnt get the crunch/crisp crave when i browse for 'oatmeal white chocolate cookies'
i got the crave AFTER i found this recipe and read all the comments.
i couldnt wait, i baked those ASAP!

the recipe clearly told you to use high quality white chocolate.
but pity me, i used compound white chocolate for praline making.
butttttt... i went with my fancy sea salt for the sprinkling.
so i guess, i make the even?
and also, i used quick cooking oats instead of old fashioned rolled oats.
i got my cookies just like how the recipe promised me.
thick and shatter-y with a hollow in the middle.
oh my goodness! i just love them!
the sprinkling of sea salt added a whole new party in my mouth.
although, 'people' think that.. the salt is weird.
so maybe next time i'll skip the salt when i make them for 'people'
but other than that! OMG these are just the holy cookies of the crunchy an crispy cookies.


link to the recipe, from smitten kitchen

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

black and white cookies


i baked these to celebrate... i dont know, my changing of plans?

anywoo, i love these cookies.
this is my type of cookies, cakey and a bit fluffy.
i wish i could find chocolate chip cookie recipe that resulted in a cakey and a bit fluffy cookies.
beeecause, that's my kind of cookie!

onto the black and white cookies


i love the black part!
the chocolate part!
i ate the white first to get rid of it and save the best for last.
a.k.a the black part
omg omg i'll make these again, definitely!
although next time i'll try to make them perfectly round shaped.

and about the 'black and white' pictures..
come on!
dont you think that black and white cookies deserve black and white pictures?
no? they dont?
oh okay, whatever.
here i give you the 'full color' version..


link to the recipe, from yours truly ms. martha stewart

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

the traveller

you know you will never hold me right?
you know that i wont stay right?
there will always more for me, and i wont stop asking for that
i wont stop searching for that.
i will leave, eventually
and there is nothing you can do about that.
i will sail across the sea and i will sail across another seas.
i will drive across the country and i will drive across another countries
i will fly across the globe and i will fly and fly and fly
i have dreams and those are big.
some of those are not here.
and i have to go to find those, those will be my friends
just like how my camera is.
you know that i love you right?
but i love my dreams even more.

i will leave you, but i will leave more people in the future.
you'll be not the only one.
you'll get to know those people, you'll sit with those people
drinking your mojitos because that's my favorite drink.
you and those people will remember me.
you'll remember how hot-headed, rock-headed i was.
you and those people will laugh and wonder.
"where is she, i miss her, is she okay?"

i will be okay, because..
i choose to leave, i choose not to stay.
there will only my camera and me at the end of the day.
but i know i'll be happy.
i know i'll live my life to the fullest.

images from........somewhere, i forgot

Sunday, 9 May 2010

sunday morning means nothing

dear my love
i remember benjamin and daisy and their duplex, how they had fun days.
i remember i said to my mom "that's the kind of life i want"
and mom said "dream on little girl"

dear my love
but now you are here.
sleeping in my bed, sorry, our bed.
we live in that city that never sleep and we love every second of it.
you wake me up every early early early morning.
because that's the time when you got home.
just in time.
sipping our coffee and watching the sunrise.
because that's our favorite thing.
you ask me to bake banana muffin but i refuse and say "have you ever get tired eating my baked goods?"
you laugh and kiss me hard.

dear my love
i have to take shower, its monday and i have a job to keep.
unlike you my rockstar, my beloved rockstar.
and frankly, i envy you
i wish i could stay up all night and sleep all day.
just like you.
i kiss you and realize how bad you smelled.
lets just take shower together.
you grin, i know you like it.

dear my love
we do nothing.
we just hugging each other under the shower.
feeling each other's skin, smelling each other's breath and wishing that we could hugging each other all day long.
that would be silly i know.
but remember, i have a job to keep.
i should get ready.
i know you'll tease me, trick me to bed.
but sorry, i have a job to keep.

dear my love
you decide to walk me to get a breakfast and postpone your sleep.
we are walking down the street.
the street of the city that never sleeps.
i take a long deep breath and smelling every single scent of the street.
i love those scents. i love this city.
i met you here, my love

dear my love
we had our breakfast, bagels and coffee.
i know i know, typical.
but i always love it and you mocked me because of that.
but you've grown to love that.
you've grown to love everything that i love

dear my love.
stop kissing me.
you go home.
have your sleep.
finish your painting.
whatever you have to do.
i have to go now.
i have a job.
a job that i love

dear my job
i love you.
i love you.
i love you.
i've been with you all day long
and now i have to go back to my love.

dear my love
you texted me. said you've had your sleep.
said you miss me.
said you have early gig and wish i could stop by and watch you
so my love. i take the subway.
im watching you, im hearing girls screaming for your name.
but i know, you're looking at me from that far and tall stage.
those deep blue eyes are mine.
i cant hold a smile just thinking about that.

dear my love
we walk back to our itty bitty apartment.
im in your arm.
im safe there.
i know it, i always know it.
we are going to sleep together tonight.
after a week of midnight gigs here and there.

dear my love
you tell me the surprise.
the surprise you've hold all day long.
you've sold your paintings.
a gallery proposed to contract you.
you let go your music career.
you choose your paintings

dear my love
you say the magic words
"come with me to paris"
i shrieked.
you say
"bring your cameras, your life, your job"
i cant say anything, i love paris, i love you
you say
"we'll have a new adventure in paris"
i believe that, i kiss you and i say
"yes yes yes, turn out i love you more than i love this city"
you gazzing and smilling and say
"i know that"

dear my love
we always know, dont we?

images from snippet and

Thursday, 6 May 2010

cookies and cream cheesecake cupcakes


okay, so..
i dont know which one is yummier, the almost naked didier drogba on vanity fair's current issue or these cheesecakelettes.
although, i baked these couple weeks ago and saw didier drogba's picture this morning but still.. they are worth to be compared with each other..
may i say that im a true blood (if that's not exaggerating!) manchester united fan and seeing that there is slightly large possibility about MU not going to get their 4th premier league title in a row is kinda hurting.
but i still cant resist drooling on didier drogba whose club is MU's number one rival.
sorry lads!

and the cheesecakelettes? never thought that im a cheesecake person but.. maybeeee..just indeed a cheesecake person!
SHOCKER! i know right?!
just as shocker as how i could drool on didier drogba..
see they do have something in common
yess, im a cheesecake person, a cupcake person too and also cookie person, duhh! kill me!
i always like cheesecake and always gobble them up everytime i got the chance, i crave them too.
but i always on hunt for cupcakes, im crazy about cupcakes, i love baking cupcakes.. I LOVE CUPCAKES!
but choose one, its gonna be like choosing between jose mourinho and pep guardiola, okay, i talk too much about football in this post, forgive me.


yeeeeah, i love them both.
i love cheesecake and cupcake equally.
its a beautiful world i know.
so these cheesecakelettes are just PERFECT!
its a cheesecake in a cupcake form.
just perfect perfect perfect.
and yummy yummy yummy.
oh, the always so smart martha stewart.. and her team of course.


click here for the recipe, the link is directed to one of my favorite blogger.

ps: cheesecake never fail me, i always been a good cheesecake baker, from the first time!
pps: and here's a link to the ever so yummy almost naked didier drogba (plus bonus almost naked cristiano ronaldo, pato, eto'o, landon donovan, kaka, muntari etc)

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

parisian beauties cupcakes

set of parisian beauties cupcakes i did for margie, she's a very well pampered gal and a make up avid, she dreams about going to paris (well who wouldnt?) so these stuffs i drew on cookies and cream cupcakes are just perfect for her!
happy birthday marge!


purple-themed cupcakes

here is set of purple themed cupcakes i did for feli, the flavour were the always favourite blueberry red velvet.
i wonder people, i wonderrrr...


im getting bored with my collection of sprinkles, i need more! i need new sprinkles!
sprinkles sprinkles sprinkles, please ebay and etsy ship to indonesia!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

i've always been the artist


i know im an cupcake artist, i make edible art on cupcakes and i too, make cupcake art.

Saturday, 1 May 2010