Friday, 21 May 2010

holy cookies


yep! these are holy cookies!
crispy salted oatmeal white chocolate cookies.
just HOLY s*%@!


i grew up among people who think that cookies should be crunchy and crispy.
no such thing as chewy and soft cookies, those are underbaked cookies.
make underbaked cookies and yes, you are a baking moron.
and me.. i love soft and chewy cookies.
my mom is kinda a snob who always do groceries in international supermarkets.
and her daughter a.k.a me, always got her chocolate chip cookies fix there.
from chips ahoy to pepperidge farm.
and those are always the soft ones.
so i grew up eating soft cookies while surrounded by crunchy cookies eater.
i always look for soft cookies.
oh my effin god, i love soft cookies!


although, i still love few indonesian traditional cookies which is always crunchy and i also like famous amos's crunchy cookies and oh, not to mention asia's oreos.. which is crunchy!
and why asia's oreo? that's something to talk about later.
so i get the crunchy cookies crave often.
truth be told, i didnt get the crunch/crisp crave when i browse for 'oatmeal white chocolate cookies'
i got the crave AFTER i found this recipe and read all the comments.
i couldnt wait, i baked those ASAP!

the recipe clearly told you to use high quality white chocolate.
but pity me, i used compound white chocolate for praline making.
butttttt... i went with my fancy sea salt for the sprinkling.
so i guess, i make the even?
and also, i used quick cooking oats instead of old fashioned rolled oats.
i got my cookies just like how the recipe promised me.
thick and shatter-y with a hollow in the middle.
oh my goodness! i just love them!
the sprinkling of sea salt added a whole new party in my mouth.
although, 'people' think that.. the salt is weird.
so maybe next time i'll skip the salt when i make them for 'people'
but other than that! OMG these are just the holy cookies of the crunchy an crispy cookies.


link to the recipe, from smitten kitchen

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Cassidy said...

soft cookies are the BEST ! hmm i should make some of these .. mmm .