Sunday, 1 August 2010

welcome august

just one month before my big fat 22nd birthday!
and, well, you know me..
i always love birthdays.
well, okay, i love my birthday!
and hey, mOM.. or friends.. here im giving you an obvious hint of what i want for birthday. :D

OKAY, I WANT PINK KITCHENAID MIXER, MA!! it had been two birthdays since im putting a pink KitchenAid mixer in my wishlist. okay, just saying.

(WISHLIST) hot pink KA mixer
*hot pink? anyone?*

(forgive me for the use of caps lock)

and Ma, Pa.. of course you guys know that i also want that olympus pen camera right?
what.. i hear whatttt? ungrateful child? greedy?

okay enough with the over-pricey fancy schmancy stuffs, lets get to the more 'realistic' stuffs

(WISHLIST) bulseye doll
*bullseye doll from toy story 3, i saw this at Watsons. and i dont mind getting the woody, jessie and buzz altogether also*

(WISHLIST) cupcake heaven book
*i saw this at kinokuniya and was in good deal, when i ask Ma about whether the book is worth to buy, she said "you already have too much baking books" errrr, duhhh..*

(WISHLIST) cupcake lip balm
*im all about food/drink flavored lip balm/gloss and im also all about cupcakes, so this is surely in my next purchase*

(WISHLIST) whoopie pies book
*SURELY MY NEXT AMAZON.COM PURCHASE, seriously Ma, there's no such thing as "too much baking books"*

(WISHLIST) puffy cupcake stickers
*what can you say? puffy..cupcakes..stikers.. on serious..*

(WISHLIST) floral printed jegging
*MAAAAAA! please let me use your credit card and get this dreamy floral printed jegging! its from, please ma please.. this is what i want the most!*

*im building a kawaii stationery and stikers collection.. and i think i'll start with kawaii sticker sacks and memo pads from kinokuniya*

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Paris Pastry said...

The color of the Kitchenaid mixer is fabulous! Sooo pink! Have you told your mother the price of the mixer? ;-)

Aina said...

i have bullseye! * i write here since you doesnt want to hear me on skype hahahaha

ducky said...

hahaha i love your bday wish list!

Ardna said...

oh, my! i totally want the whoopie pies book too! and love the cupcake balm :)