Sunday, 27 June 2010

chocolate marshmallow cupcakes with pink mood

chocolate marshmallow cupcakes

okay, so im feeling like 'pink' this morning, i dont know..
by the way, im gonna keep this post short with my babbling but looooong with pictures!
so lets just talk about the cupcakes.
this cupcakes is a hybrid child of hummingbird bakery's chocolate cupcake and marshmallow cupcake.

the only reason why i didnt make the actual marshmallow cupcakes or the actual chocolate cupcakes is just because my friend dani asked and literally begged me to bake him chocolate cupcakes.
he kept buzzing me about this, whilst im juggling with my interior design final assignment and baking cupcakes is the last thing i want to do.
but today.
now after im 98% done with the final assignment, i could bake him cupcakes.

chocolate marshmallow cupcakes

i still have the homemade marshmallow from last week, sitting nicely in lock&lock box.
"okay, i'll make the marshmallow cupcakes then" but i remembered that dani wants chocolate cupcakes. "okay, chocolate cupcakes it is."
problem solved? no, nu'uh!
i didnt have the heart to keep those homemade marshmallow any longer, so i had to use it immediately.
it was really confusing, "chocolate cupcakes or marshmallow cupcakes."
i could make the marshmallow cupcakes with chocolate frosting just like how its written in the book.
but i wasnt sure that dani wants vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting.
he wants plain chocolate chocolate cupcakes.
but i need to use that marshmallow.
if you were me, by this point i bet you'd already have the perfect solution.
but not me.
fyi, i have a slow brain.
i need a while to thinking and making good decision.

chocolate marshmallow cupcakes

gah! so then i thought, why not make chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow filling?
its perfect!
its gonna be good, chocolate + marshmallow, its perfect, once again!
it took me few hourse to find the solution.

so off i was to the kitchen, this morning.
like i said.. feeling all pink.

chocolate marshmallow cupcakes

now pictures below are the not-so-step-by-step pictures.
please enjoy :)

the recipes in the hummingbird bakery cookbook have a bit weird method.
for this chocolate cupcakes for example,
the dries
*you start with mixing the flour, cocoa, sugar, salt, baking powder and butter until you reach a sandy consistency*

the liquid
*you whisk together egg, milk and vanilla the pour it to the mixed ingredients below*

chocolate cake batter
*after that, mix them all throughly but dont overmix.*

i've read that many people are dissapointed with this cookbook.
but seriously, i followed all the instructions to T and all i got is a very good chocolate cupcake. although the only downside is it yielded only 10 perfectly domed cupcakes. not 12.

*the dirty little dishes, seriously, do you need to see that?*

okay, lets proceed..

the batter ready for oven
*only 10 cupcakes*

homemade marshmallow
*now this is the marshmallow and the red food coloring because i didnt have pink marshmallow whilst i want a pink marshmallow.. so why not just the tint the melted marshmallow pink?*

pink melted marshmallow
*the pink melted marshmallow*

chocolate marshmallow cupcakes
*i used apple corer to make the hole and filled them all with spoon, but honestly, it was a serious messy and sticky deal*

fast forward to an hour of cooling and all those butter, powdered sugar and cocoa for the buttercream frosting.
i present to you, a very very yummy chocolate marshmallow cupcakes.

chocolate marshmallow cupcakes
chocolate marshmallow cupcakes

my verdict about this cupcakes?
seriously yummy and the marshmallow filling is a compliment to one another. perfect, hence the buttercream frosting.. too sweet and grainy, i dont like it.
but come on, the only frosting i can tolerant with is cream cheese frosting.
anyway, enjoy the pictures.. i heart them :*


Chele said...

Great idea - think I may need to ask you for some chocolate cupcakes if this is the result ;0)

Cassidy said...

these turned out great ! i love the pop the pink adds .

much love xoxo

Paris Pastry said...

You've turned the marshmallows into something more wonderful!! I could just eat them all.
Your photography is beautiful as well. May I ask what kind of camera you use?

Anonymous said...

I love these, and your photos are so adorable!