Saturday, 26 June 2010

Gli Azzuri cupcakes

gli azzuri cupcakes
gli azzuri cupcakes

gli azzuri cupcakes i did for my best girl aina's brother.
she was the first person who ordered cupcakes from me months ago and that was why i decided to open this tiny little online bake shop sugar crawler.
and fyi, im taking a little break from the business now, i want to focus on my design school, stop wasting time and finish the design hell soon.
i can do whatever i want to do after i finish the school, you know, including pastry class in Le Cordon Bleu, Paris or photography class or just sail across seas and challenge my life.
although aside from the 'school' reason above, i also dont feel like doing cupcake orders nowadays. doing cupcakes that doesnt fit my mood.
i dont want to ruin my baking hobby so i'd better take a step back from the business and have fun with my hobby.

these cupcakes i did whole-heartedly for aina is the last cupcakes order i want to do for now, no im not quitting from the business, just take a long undefinite vacation from it.
i'll still bake of course, i have tons of recipe waiting to be tested.

so aina, i heart you my friend and i hope you enjoy these last cupcakes from Sugar Crawler.
happy birthday masnuk! stop being sassy :p

gli azzuri cupcakes

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