Wednesday, 3 March 2010

in the basement

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big good news! i've got my own space for kitchen.. means, MY OWN KITCHEN!
its in my house's basement! its still empty at this very time although i have started packing my stuffs from my mom's kitchen and move it to that basement.
of course i dont have the proper kitchen furnitures for all my stuffs, just yet.
but maybe in a month or so, i could get the proper kitchen furniture/sets/cabinets.
nothing too fancy or pretty like the picture above.. but nice enough for me :)
since its in the basement, i'll need air conditioner.
then my very own refrigerator.
oh much things to do! super excited and super grateful :D

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GRICIA said...

congrats Yu..kalo bisa kapan2 g berguru ke dapur lo yah!hahaha