Thursday, 25 March 2010

banana pudding


okay, short story..
i just bought more from magnolia bakery cookbook, well, my mother and my brother bought that for me.
as a return.. i promised to stop getting crazy haircut.
yes, i always have a crazy haircut.
apparently they sick of it. im not.
now im finding a way to bail on them.
i love my super short-boyish-crazy-haircut.

back to the cookbook.
i have an obsession about new york city.
about those bakeries in new york city.
i have an obsession about magnolia bakery.
about sex and the city, of course.
about cupcakes, duhh!

i've made the vanilla cupcakes, with the icing.
but i'll post it next.
no i wont finding a way to bail on that.
not funny.


but this pudding?
sooo goooooodd!
its inspired by magnolia bakery famous banana pudding but i didnt make it that way, i made it my way..FROM SCRATCH!
using mixed of custard and whipped cream, slices of banana and vanilla wafers.
my god! YUMM YUMM!
layers of those?
i couldnt stop munching on them.
i gave them to my grammy.
im fat and keeping banana pudding in my refrigerator would only make me even fatter.


soooo..the recipe?
mixed of custard and whipped cream, slices of banana and vanilla wafers.
the layer is depend on you.. the more layers the merrier.

you know you love me.

this last picture is taken by my brother.
thank you, i like this picture!



Cupcake Activist said...

My sister-in-law made banana pudding recently, but she used the Paul dean recipe. It was so delicious and probably so bad for me. Sometimes that doesn't really matter, as long as I'm happy.

Paris Pastry said...

I've made this banana pudding recipe ages ago and I loved it!!! It's so rich and creamy! Yum!