Wednesday, 17 March 2010

chocolate eclairs with irish cream filling


my mother is more like a father.
now im older.. im more like a mother.
and my father? he remains a strange person who loves me. but he is still a stranger for me.
why my mother is more like a father? because she is always been the fun one, the good cop one, the money source one (TeeHee!).
while she is still the 'home' one, the warmest place one, the mother.
why im more like a mother? because.. i like baking, im starting to like cooking (altough im not really sure about this one), i like stuffs that most mothers would like.. like kitchenware, dinnerware, weddings.
well, maybe im just a girlie girl.
anyway, my mom never shop for a kitchenware or dinnerware just because she likes it.
she shops for those just because we need those, so no fancy pretty kitchenware or dinnerware in my house.
up until my time finally came.


yesterday afternoon, when it was time for me to take pictures of these eclairs.. i got so frustated by this very few choices of plates in my house.
and i wanted something diff for these eclairs..
i want a dreamy, pink, dash of paris tea party in my pictures.
i searched the entire kitchen (my mom's not mine!), open every single cabinets and boy was i happy when i found pretty and vintage tea sets and dinnerwares..
not much, but pretty much, OKAY!
my guess, those are from my mom's wedding.
my guess, there were PLENTY of them.
my guess, those have been with my mom all the way from one city to another.
my guess, those are 22 years old!

now im thinking about wedding registry, can i have a wedding registry without the actual wedding? oh, can i? can i?


now talking about the eclairs..
they were good although im not really satisfied with the end results.
the choux pastry was good, but not the perfect ones.
but filling? the pastry cream? OH LA LA! boy i was good! what would you actually expect from bailey's irish cream pastry cream? of course a GOODNESS!
the chocolate glaze? it wasnt really a glaze.. it was a ganache.
leftover ganache to be exact. my fault.
im thinking of so much bake perfection of eclairs will come in the future.
i want good eclairs, GREAT eclairs!
and im actually thinking of assorted eclairs.. many possibilities of eclair flavors..


and for the recipe.. you can just go to this favorite blog of mine.
and for the bailey's irish cream pastry cream i used the same pastry cream from the recipe above. only i omitted the vanilla bean and added a splash or two of bailey's irish cream. YUMMY!


Paris Pastry said...

Yum! They look good! I loooove chocolate eclairs!

Anonymous said...

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