Friday, 5 February 2010

Banana muffins


damn I love technology!! I love iPhone! If you've been following my twitter you must've notice that my macbook is crashed and I've been out of non-blackberry internet for few days and that sucks! Now I'm posting this using iPhone. I baked this banana muffins few days ago, now these are hit! My family raved about it and me......well, me LOVED it! Oh okay then.. Gotta go now, i just finished baking chocolate covered coffee cupcakes with valentine decoration and now my mom's kitchen is a disaster, gotta do the dishes Now and also cleaning the buttercream mess.


so click here for the recipe :D

1 comment:

lavienouveau said...

these look (and sound) pretty kick butt, as always! And you better put some pics and a recipe for those cupcakes up too cause you have me drooling now!