Monday, 25 January 2010

yesterday love!

ummmmhh, its monday today and the exams are over.. the holiday is here means i'll always have time for baking and doing my favorite things without being bothered with my assignments, heehee.
i can wake up late! though im actually a morning person :D
oooooh anyway, i just want to show you what sheila, the friend i mention in previous post brought me from singapore.


yay! lots of sweets and im telling you, those are for baking purpose.. well, except the twix bars, they're for me and my brothers to munch, have i told you that twix bar is my favorite? i LOVE twix, unfortunately i cant find twix bar anywhere here in jakarta.
and oh, the snickers, mars and m&m's? yes, they're for baking.. im thinking about m&m's cookies, snickers cookies, mars cheesecake.. geez, sugar coma and fat coma.
sheila also brought a veeeeeeeeeeeery cool freddie mercury tee, uugh, LOVE!

and this, i found this in sogo foodhall yesterday and my eyes were literally went out from my face (hmmmmm..okay, weird)


coarse sea salt! so long table salt.. and the coolest of all is this is a sea salt from bali..
i've read somewhere that coarse sea salt makes lots of goodness in baking and oh, i cant wait to make sea salt chocolate truffle!


look at it, they do look like crystal mets dont they? teehee! im gonna savour this thing and always use it everytime i bake chocolate chip cookies, because you know.. i love salty sweet chocolate chip cookies.

and last..


its just my ever so late new year resolution to start reading classic literature, well lets see..

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