Sunday, 3 January 2010

my favorite video

HI! to some of you who might had been reading my old blog and now got redirecting to this blog. note for you, im not deleting that blog, i just got bored with that blog and feel more like writing about baking and things related, well, more like everything sweet. YES! this blog is sugar loaded blog, SWEET!
i'll write about my personal dream, personal thought, travel, things i like, CUPCAKES! pretty much everything i like, i love.. so maybe there'll be a dash of fashion in this blog too, dont worry!
but seriously, note this as my 2010 resolution "i will stop worrying about comments and followers, i will write without thinking what would others thought about it, i will enjoy my writing, i will write for my self!"
so yes, finally i come up with a resolution, just finally.

this below is my newly discovered favorite video, i've been watching this over and over for the past three days. im a big fan of keavy landreth of kumquat cupcakery and trust me, she looks really pretty in this video, the song is really good too, a sweet song just as sweet as the cupcakes.
a really good video apart from the cupcake baking involved, im a sucker for cupcake baking video so count me in for every video about cupcake baking, but this one wins me over for every aspects, every minutes and every moves in it.


Indy said...

You should totally make some video tutorials about your baking! That would be fun to watch!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A great resolution ;-p!

A wonderful video!

Happy New year!