Monday, 25 January 2010

are you?


yesterday, my brother asked me.. "are you a sweet tooth?"
damn hell, i cant answer it.. so after few minutes i said this "i thought im not, but apparently.. yes i am"

i never consider my self as a sweet tooth before because i always like savoury foods but when i dig deeper and remember.. the only thing why i always choose savoury over sweet is only because i have this thought in my head about sweet has more calorie than savoury.
but when im not in hey-im-on-diet mood, i just loooove sweets, when most people got toothache over macarons, well, tell you this.. IM NOT! i dont really like macarons i got in jakarta, not because the sweetness they have, more because.. its not that tasty.
but when i went to paris and bought laduree's macarons in charles de gaule airport (though i ate it when im back in wales) MAN! IM HOOKED! soooo.. yes i do like overly sweet macarons.

oh, i dont get the sugar crave that much actually.. when i got it, i usually just eat one or two bites of it..
and also, i dont eat my baked goods... i just eat one when its still freshly baked and one the next day. well, errr.. quality control? :D
or more when its really good.. or when i really like it.. like chocolate chip cookies. and oh, when i have nothing else to eat.. trust me, it happens a lot!
but thanks god i never have to finish all my baked goods all by myself. i'd rather throw them away :D

but its different with savoury foods, i could eat lot of them and pretend that it was my breakfast..or lunch.. or dinner..

sooo, am i a sweet tooth? well... i dont have the answer :)

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cinta / sepi / sayu said...

i heart you too. love baking, love sweet things, love the blog.