Sunday, 21 November 2010

i went on a picnic, like a month ago.

i feel like blogging, but i dont know what to blog.
so i'll just share pictures from a picnic i did a month ago.
it was super fun, i made pretzel roll sandwiches (egg mayo, chicken mayo and smoked salmon with cream cheese) from scratch plus picnic chocolate loaf cake (recipe by me!).
my friend P baked kiwi, strawberry and cream cheese puff pie and W made mini lasagna.
both were REALLY good, i think we (P, W and me) make a delish trio.
and the cute thing was, the location, it was at my gran's backyard.





Love From Eden said...

Looks great! I wish it was picnic weather over here :(

Anonymous said...

Maaan that chocolate cake looks amazing! I am now starving. GOOD JOB! Hehe. I love picnicing :D

Anonymous said...

really cool

Ima said...

That sure looks like a fun picnic. I really like your gran's backyard. And the food.. they look amazing. I'm getting hungry now haha

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

wauw,,looks so much fun...
wanna exchange link??

Nona Lolita Theobroma said...

Hey, why dont you blog anymore? I kinda miss reading your writings :(