Saturday, 14 August 2010

strawberry and cream cupcakes

strawberry and cream cupcakes
strawberry and cream cupcakes

for me, nothing screams summer more than berries. okay, probably beach and frilly summer dresses scream summer even louder, but berries are the creme de la creme of summer, for me at least. and my favorite berry? all of them really, because i love blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and every-berry else. but now if you ask me, what berry i buy most of the time? its strawberry! strawberry is just so tempting for me. they are so red, sexy and juicy. and for me, the perfect summer dessert is something creamy, light, fresh with a touch of strawberry. last summer one of the most memorable desserts i had was a strawberry mousse cake with strawberry sauce and this summer, its must be this strawberry and cream cupcakes, okay, no, i lied! this summer, i love that japanese strawberry shortcake from local japanese bakery here in Jakarta and in fact, this strawberry and cream cupcakes i made is inspired by that japanese strawberry shortcake.

strawberry and cream cupcakes

this strawberry and cream cupcakes have a basic vanilla cupcake based with chopped strawberries in the bottom, baked, cooled and frosted with very light whipped cream just minutes before being served. and the best way to enjoy this cupcake? using plate and fork so you can have the three parts altogether, the buttery vanilla cupcake, juicy strawberries and the light and creamy whipped cream. and a cup of tea if possible, to wash down or maybe a glass of icy lemonade? your choice, either way… this is just a perfect summer cupcake.

strawberry and cream cupcakes

click here for the recipe, my entry for Dujour Magazine


Paris Pastry said...

They are stunning! Beautifully photographed too.

Chele said...

Such a pretty post! Makes me feel as though summer is still with us lol

Shelby Logsdon said...

Oh my - these are beautiful and I bet taste heavenly. LOVE your blog! Linked to it and will follow it.


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Lil' Miss Polkadot said...

That looks amazing !!
Beautiful pictures too !

lilmisspolkadot from swapbot

O. said...

those look so delightful, I think I could eat every last one them

Halimah Rachma said...

yummy and sexy food. i want to make a cook,but i dont know how to turn on the oven. hehe,i love ur blooog!amaziing

Reina said...

oooooohhhh. my mouth is watering.

Ardna said...

oohh nice blog, great photo! will come back again :D