Monday, 30 August 2010

butterscotch chip cookies

butterscotch chip cookies
butterscotch chip cookies

There are days when all I want is lying in my bed, watching all Grey’s Anatomy episodes, wearing only boxer and baggy over-sized T-shirt, skipping shower and praying that my boyfriend would never see me like that. I call that my comfort day, in my comfort day I only eat comfort food and I wish I would not regret eating the comfort foods.

In my mind, comfort food is something easy, simple and sinful. Talk about chocolate chip cookies we are. I used to get chocolate chip cookies craving every now and then, lucky me, I’m good at chocolate chip cookies baking, I even have my very own recipe that got very good rave from my friends and family. But when you bake too much of chocolate chip cookies, you’ll get bored of the cookies and decided that chocolate chip cookie is no more that appealing.

butterscotch chip cookies

Although, I was longing for the texture of chocolate chip cookies, how chewy, soft but crunchy at the same time. Longing for the vanilla and brown sugar scent of the cookies, I still haven’t got my chocolate chip cookies craving back. So butterscotch chip cookies it is! So i used butterscotch chips instead of chocolate chips in the cookie dough for non-chocolate chip cookies. It was a very good decision because when im baking the cookies, the kitchen smelled wonderful and the cookie itself is just as wonderful.

For this cookie recipe, I went with the very first cookie recipe I used way back then in my early baking craze. Its just so easy to whipped with very good cookie result. Crunchy on the edge and soft and chewy in the center. this is why I always fancy kid’s cookbooks, yes, the recipe comes from a cookbook for kids.

butterscotch chip cookies

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Paris Pastry said...

Sounds like a glorious day! I love those comfort days. Butterscotch is the perfect comfort food.

Chele said...

I'm not sure I could ever get sick of chocolate chip cookies, but just in case I do I'll bookmark this recipe lol

Lucy said...

Your comfort day sounds so gorgeous! I love butterscotch so doubt I would be able to resist these cookies :)

Ardna said...

wow where do you get a butterscotch chips here in jakarta?

La Lola said...

Ayu you must come and enter WHIPPED this week darling! We haven't seen you all summer :)