Thursday, 26 August 2010

girly and cookie

Joanna hosted a cookie swap in her new york apartment with her girlfriends.
i want to do this too, with my girlfriends of course. but chances are 1.) i end up baking all the cookies 2.) we get scared by the cookies calories.
but maybe i'll host a cookie swap somewhere in the future, with my future girlfriends, in my future new york apartment

pictures belong to Joanna


aisaicha said...

I LOVE your blog very very very much :)
I love to eat but i don't have a chance to cook cause my mom won't let me to buy some cooking appliances esp baker. And I'm living sooo far away from home cause I'm studying right now. Keep blogging :)

hugs, Icha

La Lola said...

omg omg this is a FABULOUS idea!! love this post. and when you do come to NYC, will you invite me to your cookie swap? :)