Monday, 19 July 2010

salted butter caramel ice cream

salted butter caramel ice cream
salted butter caramel ice cream

David Lebovitz wrote that this ice cream is better than Berthilon’s Glace Caramel, I don’t know, I’ve never been to Berthilon.
But I surely know that this ice cream tasted exactly like caramel candies.
Buttery with strong sugar burnt taste and slight hint of salt.
Also I went all fancy with this ice cream, I used French butter and Fleur De Sel from Bali ocean.

Now lets talk how I made it without ice cream machine, here’s the article from David Lebovitz about how to make ice cream without ice cream machine. Go read it and I bet you’d think, “Man, this is easy!” because I thought of that too. But then, after total 3 days of making, freezing and waiting, I thought, “this is not easy.” It’s a long time of mixing the ice cream batter and break the crystal water to make the smooth silky ice cream.

salted butter caramel ice cream

And the result? It is a smooth ice cream , tastes so good like I mentioned above and worth those 3 days of making, mixing and freezing. But this ice cream melts too quick under the sunny summer sun. so make sure to finish the ice cream soon after you take it out of the freezer, though it wont be a big problem for an ice cream this good.

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salted butter caramel ice cream


Paris Pastry said...

3 days?! You are dedicated! But then again, if it tastes as good as Berthilon's caramel ice cream then it's more than worth it!

La Lola said...

its not that salty is it? but i wanna try!