Saturday, 10 July 2010

life is uncertain

the best sky high layers cake comes from Ranch Market Bakery.
no kid!
layers cakes who scream "im an american style cake!"
"im not pretty fancy!" "but im huge, tall and just plain GOOD!"
now these are the cakes that made me want to eat nothing but cakes all day long.
no kid! they are 'that' good!

im not much a pretty fancy dessert lover, i dont eat dessert only because they look so beautiful. fyi; sadly, some times i date man only because how he looks.
anywhoooo.. yeah, im not that type of dessert eater.
i dont give damn for those cute little tarts with cute little fruits on top or cute little glass filled with chocolate mousse and this and that.
gah! i get turned on by pictures of homemade pies that look ugly but somehow makes me drooling.
i HATE over decorated cupcakes with fondant and this and that.
i prefer my cupcakes to be plain pastel color buttercream with sprinkles.
i LOVE myself a sky high chocolate layers cake with no decoration, just plain chocolate.
i think the only pretty dessert that i fall in love with is japanese style strawberry shortcake. plain white cream with strawberries.
that's it!

so guess how i excited i was when i saw these layers cakes sitting nicely in ranch market bakery's display window.
and that was the first time i see them.
before, only cute little desserts in that display.
and what made my eyes went even bigger? LAYERS CARROT CAKE WITH CREAM CHEESE FROSTING!
that looked similiar with the one i had, i am crazy with in dubai.
i chose the carrot cake and Ma chose steve's brownie cake.
we couldnt wait until we get home, well, beside that it was 11 am and we had no breakfast before.
we dug through our cake, and i was literally screaming "OMG MA! THIS IS THE ONE! THIS IS THE CARROT CAKE I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR IN JAKARTA"
while Ma "OMG THIS BROWNIE CAKE IS HEAVEN!" yes, we're that obessed-dessert-obsessed mother and daughter.

we finished the cakes in just less than 5 minutes, and we went to walk around a mall for hours to burn the cake calories but who are we kidding for?!
because Ma went back to ranch market bakery the next day, without me..
but she brought home two slices of steve's brownie cake, a slice of banana caramel cake and a slice of rich chocolate cake, plus Ma got tempted by fancy raspberry mousse in a cute little glass.
and she said "no carrot cake for today" with sad face.

steve's brownie cake from ranch market bakery
this is the steve's brownie cake, im tossing between having this or the carrot cake for my birthday cake.
i especially love the candied walnuts and the chocolate, oh.. im drooling!

rich chocolate cake from ranch market bakery
and this is the rich chocolate cake. i cant explain what it is consisted with.
one thing for sure, THEY ARE GOOD!

caramel banana cake from ranch market bakery
caramel banana cake, banana cake with caramel frosting, still GOOD but my less favorite.

raspberry mousse from ranch market bakery
the pretty raspberry mousse, now i have to admit that this is actually good, very light and tasted very summer-ish with all the berries. a good alternative for those butter ladden very rich cakes.

and now, the secret.. while im typing this, Ma is out to ranch market to do some grocery shopping like always and of course... i asked her to bring home cakes and cakes cakes.
OMG IM SO BAD! whatever, i will eat nothing but the cakes for today..tomorrow..and the next day..


~TrainMama~ said...

Wow!! They all looks soooo great, yum-o!

Dissolved Girl said...

Oh man, that looks so good. Now I want some cake!

Dissolved Girl from Swap-Bot