Monday, 12 July 2010


I LOVE CUPCAKE related stuffs i host on

yes! hey all!
do you know that im now addicted to swap?
i do private swap on flickr, i join international public swap on
oh you know, the joy of receiving something other than bills in your mail box.
and now after i've completed 9 swaps on
i can host my own swap and guess what?!
what swap i hosted? its a CUPCAKE swap!
yes, its I LOVE CUPCAKE related stuffs swap.
and it goes like this...
you prepare a package of cupcake related stuffs (cupcake baking supplies, stuffs with cupcake in/on it).
stuffed it in a business size envelope, although you can always go with bigger envelope.
and mail it to your cupcake loving partner, and have fun!

to join this swap, the newbie must sign up to first (FREE!) and well fill your profile.
than go to I LOVE CUPCAKE related stuffs swap, click to join the swap.
that's all!
and if you already a swap-bot member, you can just click this link to go to I LOVE CUPCAKE related stuffs swap.
and have a joyous snail mail fun!



Cassidy said...

omg i'm so doing it

Sabina said...

I really enjoy your blog, how sweet :))
I think you will like mine too, I'd be glad if you checked it out :))

Can't wait to hear from you hon!

Sabina said...

Thank you for your sweet comment hon! :)) Meanwhile feel more than free to follow my blog if you like, so that you can stay updated :))

Much love

hanacakes said...

Ok so i created an account on swapbot...but now i'm nervous to join a swap, any good advice for this newbie before i join your swap =)

hanacakes said...

thanks for the info on swapbot! i'm excited to try it out. i think i may have to add more to my profile =) well if you ever make the creme caramel let me know how it comes out, i'm pretty sure its just the same as the flan. and i have eaten one of these all on my i don't know how to help myself sometimes =) thanks for the comment!

Halimah Rachma said...

wow cool,apakah anda menggunakan bahasa indonesia? ow i like all ur cupcake photo and it make me want to eat all ur cupcake. If we can meet i want to make cupcake with u hihi:D:D