Friday, 22 October 2010

chocolate crackles cookies

chocolate crackles
chocolate crackles

It took me about one year to finally bake these cookies, and boy did I regret it. If only I’ve baked the cookies from the first time I bought Martha Stewart’s cookies book, I’d be famous by now. In my opinion, these chocolate crackles are the perfect cookie-slash-brownies cookies.

They are very chocolaty, cakey, fudgy and chewy. They are really good with everything, tall glass of cold milk or a big cup of coffee or even a pretty cup of hot tea. But I personally like tall glass of cold milk. And now I’m thinking about making peanut butter chocolate crackles cookie sandwich, you know, a dollop of sweet salty peanut butter frosting sandwiched between two chocolate crackle cookies.

Oh my, heaven! Or maybe, I’ll throw in one or two cups of peanut butter chips to the dough and call it, heaven on earth. But for now, I’ll enjoy these cookies, by it very perfect chocolaty self and call it a day.

chocolate crackles

click here for the recipe and more from me for Dujour Magazine


Kristie said...

i think you're super talented in baking.
if you make a bakery i'll definitely go there every single day of my life. (not really)

Cupcake Activist said...

These cookies remind me of Christmas. I can't wait for this holiday season to begin!

Chele said...

They look wonderful! I agree, they remond me of Christmas too, I think its all the snowy white icing.