Sunday, 18 April 2010

so this is how i do it

long story short, im a one woman show.
meaning, its a one person business
oh, im talking about sugar crawler by the way.

i shop for the ingredients, i measure, bake, frost and decorate those cupcakes all by my self in my basement kitchen aaaaand..i clean the kitchen my self. although mom sometimes (most of the time!) help with the dishes.
i do this business for fun, well, i take this business seriously but i do the business for fun, get it? oh well..

there are times when i have to reject orders due to my responsibilty as an university student, an interior design student.
but frankly, there are also times when i dont give damn thing about my assignments and just do the orders, just because.. :D

i see my cupcakes as an art, i love playing with colours and that's why most of my cupcakes sets are based on colour palette.
and that is too, why i love sprinkles..because they are soooo colourful and fun!

well, that's it for now.. im going to have my sunday breakfast a.k.a beef filone sandwich from starbucks, just YUMM!

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